How Dry Baths Are Used in the Laboratory

The dry bath is a versatile piece of equipment which provides controlled dry heat for a wide variety of clinical and general chemistry applications. They are useful in the latest process incubation, temperature calibration, blood bank, enzyme reactions, incubation, inactivation and temperature calibration applications.

The more recently designed units offer unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in application. Some have an auto tuned, microprocessor based temperature controller that controls the key parameters of temperature. They provide the user with more control than any other block heater available for the cost of the unit. Some also have fully stainless steel bodies, blocks of anodized aluminum and are autoclavable.

A dry bath is a valuable device in histology, clinical, environmental, molecular biology and industrial laboratories. These heated chambers are filled with salt, sand, aluminum blocks or other media and are designed to hold different sizes of glassware. They are ideal for use in sera, enzyme reactions, blood cross-matching, cholesterol determinations and Rh studies.

Both analog as well as digital models of bath are available, with the digital type becoming increasingly popular; these units are a good alternative to hot plates in the laboratory. They are often substituted for water baths in various laboratory applications. A dry bath can be controlled by microprocessors to regulate the high power heaters in the baths and provide accurate temperature control. This eliminates the need for temperature adjustments and frequent temperature checking with a thermometer.

The block portion of the bath must be made of material that is capable of transferring the heat uniformly from the heating element to the interchangeable blocks. The blocks need to be of uniform size so that each of them receives equal temperature treatment irrespective of their position in the bath. Another variation of the device involves the addition of agitation. This adaptation is designed to provide a gentle to vigorous agitation in the heated atmosphere. It is ideal for use in marine biology, substance abuse testing and water testing.

The bead bath is another type of dry bath that is in use for certain applications. It can be used to replace the traditional water, oil and sand-filled bath with a smooth metallic thermal bead bath. It can also substitute for an ice bucket. The bead bath type is relatively simple, clean and safe. Since microbes can thrive in water, it is useful to eliminate the use of water as a bath solution. Water and ice can introduce both biological and chemical contaminants to the incubating samples. These unknowns can put the research work at risk and create a complex, unpredictable work environment.

Open sources of water in the lab’s dry bath put both the researcher and the lab at risk of incubating and spreading biological or chemical contamination between samples, equipment and people. Unknown biological and chemical contamination in water can readily enter your incubating samples at the vessel’s closure. This can result in distorted data and non-reproducible results. Thermal bead technology will save the researcher countless hours of reworking ruined experiments, cut down on wasted reagents and eliminate cleaning and filling duties. The beads can also extend the life of the dry bath equipment by eliminating corrosion and possibly even burn-out.

When Should You Use an Emergency Eye Bath?

Eyes are the most sensitive part of human anatomy and any harm, little as it may be tends to be hazardous, yet they are the most neglected part when it comes to taking care of personal hygiene. One usually tends to get massages, pedicures and manicures and during this process eyes are left without proper care for this purpose. The best solution is to get an eye bath, but one must know what an eye bath is. It is too often that you get something in your eye let it be dust or some organic element, for this Emergency eye bath is the basic first aid treatment, which you necessitate to go through

First step is the most important in eye care since a fast response time will enhance the chances of eliminating any vision loss or any such disaster. The emergency eyewash solution reduces the risk of possible danger, compared to flushing the eye with contaminated water from the tap.

When and how emergency eye bath to be used? A comprehensive range of independent Emergency Eyewash products is available that are designed for flushing of the eye after mild contamination. One would need an emergency eye bath in a number of situations in case the environment or substances you are working with are acidic, poisonous, or even caustic in nature, and by some misfortune, you injure your eye.

There are two methods of getting eye baths. One is regular by pouring clean water with an even flow and getting eye bath equipments, which are readily available now .It is very imperative that your eye bath contains clean and dirt-free water constantly.

The eyes must be thoroughly washed at least for 15 minutes. The emergency eye bath must have hands free functioning system. In addition, one should be well versed in with the correct functioning and procedure of emergency eye baths so that you can make use of it in emergencies.

It is extremely important to make sufficient water flows from your eyes right after the accident. You must keep your affected eye widely open and let the water pass from it for some time. At first, the water may seem harsh due to its cooler temperature, but it is necessary to keep the water flowing through your eyes. While the water is flowing from your eyes, you must also roll your eyeballs in order to let go of any harmful particles that have entered your eye.

After the eye bath treatment, one should immediately seek medical assistance. However, if the particular substance in the eye is extremely stubborn and all your efforts fail after repeated use of the emergency eyewash, then lightly bandage the eye so that the eye is no longer exposed to open atmosphere until you consult a doctor.

These precautions not only help to fend off calamity on the larger scale but also ensure safety. As it is better to be safe than sorry, take further more that it provides; unmatched care for the eyes as they say eyes are everyone’s windows to the world.

Information on Special Needs Bathing – Products For All Your Needs

There are many reasons why people may require special needs bathing equipment, and it is important to know what products you need and how they can be used. Whether the equipment in question is needed for the elderly, who may be struggling more with mobility as time passes, or for those who have specific disabilities, there will be a solution out there for your problems.

Coming to terms with any form of limited mobility can be a stressful and challenging time and one of the best ways to combat this is by ensuring you have the equipment you need to make sure your life runs as smoothly as it possibly can. By ensuring comfort, any unnecessary worry or difficulty may be more easily avoided.

One of the most testing activities for those with disabilities that limit movement is using bathrooms – including toilets, showers and baths. Moreover, protective flooring and efficient access must be considered, so as to guarantee safety as far as possible by minimising the risk of accidents. Indeed, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places to slip or fall, so good planning and expert advice are crucial.

Some of the products available from specialist suppliers include the disabled shower, which consists of a removable shower seat that rotates 360 degrees inside and outside the cubicle. This allows easy access, and, as the seat is provided with various locking mechanisms, is also safe, as well as versatile.

Seated disability showers, with elegant shower design and top quality bathing solutions help to make special needs bathing easy. Specialist products on the market are reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions, helping to maintain dignity and independence as far as possible.

So if you need to take mobility issues into account in your bathroom, there are many industry specialists out there who will be able to answer all your questions and supply the right products for you.