When Should You Use an Emergency Eye Bath?

Eyes are the most sensitive part of human anatomy and any harm, little as it may be tends to be hazardous, yet they are the most neglected part when it comes to taking care of personal hygiene. One usually tends to get massages, pedicures and manicures and during this process eyes are left without proper care for this purpose. The best solution is to get an eye bath, but one must know what an eye bath is. It is too often that you get something in your eye let it be dust or some organic element, for this Emergency eye bath is the basic first aid treatment, which you necessitate to go through

First step is the most important in eye care since a fast response time will enhance the chances of eliminating any vision loss or any such disaster. The emergency eyewash solution reduces the risk of possible danger, compared to flushing the eye with contaminated water from the tap.

When and how emergency eye bath to be used? A comprehensive range of independent Emergency Eyewash products is available that are designed for flushing of the eye after mild contamination. One would need an emergency eye bath in a number of situations in case the environment or substances you are working with are acidic, poisonous, or even caustic in nature, and by some misfortune, you injure your eye.

There are two methods of getting eye baths. One is regular by pouring clean water with an even flow and getting eye bath equipments, which are readily available now .It is very imperative that your eye bath contains clean and dirt-free water constantly.

The eyes must be thoroughly washed at least for 15 minutes. The emergency eye bath must have hands free functioning system. In addition, one should be well versed in with the correct functioning and procedure of emergency eye baths so that you can make use of it in emergencies.

It is extremely important to make sufficient water flows from your eyes right after the accident. You must keep your affected eye widely open and let the water pass from it for some time. At first, the water may seem harsh due to its cooler temperature, but it is necessary to keep the water flowing through your eyes. While the water is flowing from your eyes, you must also roll your eyeballs in order to let go of any harmful particles that have entered your eye.

After the eye bath treatment, one should immediately seek medical assistance. However, if the particular substance in the eye is extremely stubborn and all your efforts fail after repeated use of the emergency eyewash, then lightly bandage the eye so that the eye is no longer exposed to open atmosphere until you consult a doctor.

These precautions not only help to fend off calamity on the larger scale but also ensure safety. As it is better to be safe than sorry, take further more that it provides; unmatched care for the eyes as they say eyes are everyone’s windows to the world.